The Green Deal Nottingham

Twenty Pound Notes

Let the Green Deal pay the upfront costs of your energy saving home improvements, and save more than repayments cost!

Welcome to The Green Deal Nottingham, your guide to tapping into the financial benefits of the Green Deal in Nottingham.

The Green Deal means that you can improve the energy efficiency of your home without paying any up front costs. The government backed scheme will lend the money required to pay for your home improvements, and collect repayments that cost no more than the savings on your bill. In other words, you will not pay out more than you do already as a result of taking out a Green Deal loan, because your bill will reduce by more than the repayments cost!

The Home Improvements The Green Deal Covers In Nottingham

Typically, households can benefit from work like insulation (including both loft insulation and cavity wall insulation), new window and doors, draught reducing measures, replacement boilers and other improvements designed to retain the warmth in your home, or heat it more cheaply.

Green Deal Assessments For Our Customers

While some providers are charging a hefty fee for a Green Deal Assessment in Nottingham, we’re offering to refund them when you go ahead with the work through us. It involves one of our experts visiting your property and drawing up a list of work that can be done that meets the Green Deal requirements. These requirements are summed up by something called the Golden Rule, that the outcome of completing the work is greater savings on your bill than the repayments on the loan to complete the work.

Get In Touch Today To Get Started

So, there’s no risk to you, just give us a call on (0115) 824 2823 and we’ll ask you a few questions about your home. If it’s unlikely that you’ll benefit from any home improvements under the Green Deal, we’ll tell you straight away, such as if you live in a house that’s less than five years old. We don’t want to waste your time (or ours either!) if you are not going to qualify for any work to be done.

The Green Deal aims to give you a great opportunity to get work completed on your home that you otherwise would have to pay for in one go. Give our friendly team a call today on (0115) 824 2823 and find out whether you could be reducing your bills with the Nottingham Green Deal.